Charity Mobile: End of an Era

It's with a heavy heart that the Charity Mobile Plan in its current format is coming to a close after 24 years!

Since CMP's inception in 1997 we've seen over $16 Million go towards our partner organisations helping the vulnerable, hurting and in need both here and overseas.

While CMP ends in its current form, our desire and passion as an organisation to help those less fortunate than us remains as strong as ever. As we have done since the very beginning, we will continue to seek new and innovative ways to ensure we do our part in bringing love, care, value and dignity to communities both in Australia and around the world.

It serves as a great encouragement that a small idea we had 24 years ago has made such a significant impact to so many. While it is bittersweet to see CMP go as it is, I'm confident that our vision of bringing hope, care and love to communities will remain. To all the amazing people who have been part of this journey over the years, thank you for helping to change the world.


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