Get Better Network Access Across Australia When You Buy an iPhone or Samsung Phone at an Optus Shop in Salamander

Are you looking for a way to get off the Telstra network and embrace something else? If so, you are looking for Optus. Over the past five years, Optus has gone to great lengths to build out its mobile network and bring faster, more consistent mobile coverage to regions and communities across Australia. Today, if you were to buy an Optus iPhone in Salamander, you would be buying into a mobile network that reaches 98.5 percent of the Australian population. This network is extremely reliable, and Optus has been working diligently to make it even more so in recent years.

The Optus Network Investment

Optus is a company not content to sit still. Recently, Optus has been partnering with Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt for its advertising campaign, and that fact is entirely symbolic of what this company has committed to over the past five years. The Optus mission right now is twofold: speed and coverage. When someone visits an Optus shop in Salamander, our goal is for them to know that they are getting a great phone on a lightning-fast network. While Optus can reach 98.5 percent of Aussies total with its network, we are more proud of the fact that we are bringing 4G Plus network speeds to 96.5 percent of the population. By investing in network improvement and aggressively working to be the best mobile network in Australia, Optus has brought high-speed mobile connectivity to every Australian capital city, as well as 700 regional towns and many more rural areas.

The benefits of the drastically improved Optus network are good for all customers. Say you buy an Optus Samsung in Salamander for personal leisure use. On the Optus 4G Plus network, it’s easier than ever before to stream all your favourite entertainment—be it music, movies, TV or live sporting events—right to your device. 4G Plus speeds allow for high quality entertainment media without buffering or slow down—a huge perk for most customers.

On the other hand, if you stop into an Optus in Salamander to explore mobile options for your business, you are going to get even bigger benefits from the Optus 4G Plus market. 4G Plus coverage makes it easier to communicate with customers and resolve any issues they might have. It opens the door for your employers to work remotely, whether that means working from home or on the road. It makes communication between members of your business team a breeze, boosting efficiency and productivity in every facet of your business. Simply put, faster mobile networks are good for business, and Optus is the company to provide them.

Make the Switch to Optus; Explore Your Options by Stopping into an Optus Shop in Salamander

Are you interested in learning more about the investments that Optus has made in its network over the past few years, or that we are continuing to make right now? Alternatively, are you ready to switch your family or your business over to a new network? Either way, you can get the help you need by stopping into an Optus in Salamander today or contacting us directly.


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