Shop for your next iPhone or Samsung Mobile Device at your Optus Store in Bathurst

Staying connected today means carrying a small device in your pocket or handbag that enables you to connect almost immediately with anyone or gather information quickly. Having a network of family extends beyond those in your address book. A family runs Network Communications in your town. Your Optus store in Bathurst is independently owned and operated by your neighbours who are motivated to ensure everyone in the vicinity receives the best products and services. Our representatives reflect our commitment to treating others as we wish to be treated.

Current Selection of Mobile Devices

Providing excellent service only goes as far as the products they’re backing. With a plan that puts a new iPhone or Samsung mobile device in your hands after 12 months, it’s easy to see how your Optus shop in Bathurst is committed to their customers. Offering a plan that gives you the latest options to stay connected every year, is an economical option in mobile phone service.

Other Options Available

If you are comfortable with your current phone, then the SIM Only plan may be right for you. Simply bring in your current phone, and your Optus store in Bathurst will outfit it with a SIM card that allows you to pay monthly without a contract. You’ll find the same great options for talk, text and data that you’d see in our other plans.

Buy Your Next Optus Samsung Tablet from us in Bathurst

Check out the selection of Optus Samsung tablets and iPads available to buy in Bathurst and combine with pool data from your existing account. If your current tablet suits your purposes, bring it in to connect to one of our BYO Data Sim Plans or Prepaid Data Packs. Regardless of how you wish to arrange it, your Optus shop in Bathurst will strive to make it happen.

Packages for your Home

Staying connected while out and about is great, but at some point, you need to go home and relax. What better way than with fast internet that streams movies and television shows to help you unwind after a long day of staying connected. The Netflix ISP Speed Index rated us number one in Australia for 24 straight months. If we can keep up with Netflix, we can handle your channel surfing.

Small Business Rewards

Finding a plan that suits your business need, demands valuable time that could be spent making money. Our business plans can keep you connected with customers, vendors and staff, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. Our 4G Plus network covers 96% of the Australian population confirming our commitment to keeping people and businesses connected.

When you’re ready to buy your next Optus iPhone in Bathurst, you’ll find the options that work for you. Our friendly associates will treat you like family and present easy to understand options to help you stay connected to what is most important to you. With over 50 stores nationwide our family of stores are ready to assist you with any mobile and internets questions. Contact us to hear the difference.


With over 50 stores around major regional centers our stores are to help you for all your mobile, home and internet needs. Our friendly staff have some of the highest customer satisfaction ratings for service in the entire Optus family. This means you can visit a Network owned Optus store with the confidence you’ll be looked after.