Ready to Shop? Buy a Samsung or iPhone from Our Optus Store in Bundaberg

Network Communications has been in business for more than 29 years, and in that time, we have opened 59 Optus stores all over Australia. As we deliver stellar customer support and mobile experiences to our clients, we maintain independently owned and operated Optus stores in regional towns, including Bundaberg. Our pride and joy is delivering excellent service to all these communities through Optus products.

Buy an Optus Samsung in Bundaberg as Your First Phone

Buying your own phone can give you a feeling of independence. If you are looking for your first phone, one that your parents didn’t buy for you and won’t be paying for, it’s time to consider Optus. Buy an Optus Samsung in Bundaberg and enjoy fantastic service and reasonable prices with a ton of bonuses that are perfect for getting started as a young adult. You can buy an Optus iPhone in Bundaberg if you prefer Apple products. We offer iPad and Apple Watch deals so you have access to other exciting tech options when buying your first phone.

When you buy a Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+, Note 9, or Tab S4, you will receive 12 months of Netflix on us as part of the deal. We know how important a good Netflix and chill evening is now and then, so we have included it. Optus Sport, National Geographic, Music Streaming, including Spotify, and Mobile TV Streaming are also extras that we add to most of our cellular deals.

Why Optus?

At Optus, we believe in investing in the future. Through investing in people, their communities, networks, and sustainability, we aim to create a more connected Australia. We want you to become a part of the future of our company, so we maintain community career opportunities at Optus and support diversity within our company. We will never discriminate against the LGBQTI+ community, nor will we shut out differing cultures. We believe that by working together and including everyone, we can build a brighter future for Australia.

To support a healthy nation and world, we created the Charity Mobile Plan. Any Optus store in Bundaberg will be able to give you more information on this plan, which gives customers the opportunity to give back to the community by sending 5% of their monthly bill to a selected group of non-profit organisations that aim to help people in Australia and around the world.

We are proud to be able to offer a simple way to help because we know it can be horrible to hear about things happening in your world and not know what you can do to make a difference—especially as a young person with a limited budget. By automatically donating 5% of your bill each month, you can help us create change whether you are still in high school or own your own business.

Contact us today or visit an Optus store in Bundaberg to find out more about buying or leasing your first phone. We can’t wait to help you get started on the road to independence with a service provider fully focused on client service and helping the community.


With over 50 stores around major regional centers our stores are to help you for all your mobile, home and internet needs. Our friendly staff have some of the highest customer satisfaction ratings for service in the entire Optus family. This means you can visit a Network owned Optus store with the confidence you’ll be looked after.