Visit Your Optus Store in Mount Gambier and Support Charity When You Shop and Buy an iPhone or Samsung 

What if you could buy a new phone and contribute to a charitable cause at the same time? With a Charity Mobile Plan from Network Communications, you can do precisely that.

When we were founded in 1992, we knew that we wanted to figure out a way to give back to the community and our society. That’s why we came up with Charity Mobile, a program that has earned us positive feedback and support from customers throughout the country and has made us one of the biggest Optus approved resellers in all of Australia. Today, if you walk into an Optus shop in Mount Gambier to buy a new phone, you will be able to set it up on a Charity Mobile Plan.

How Charity Mobile Works

How does Charity Mobile work? If you are looking to buy an Optus iPhone in Mount Gambier, in addition to purchasing the phone, you will need to sign a contract for an Optus plan and commit to paying a monthly bill. Traditionally, your bill has been split between the money that goes towards covering the cost of your phone and the money that pays for your mobile service, data, and network use.

Charity Mobile flips the script. Through this plan, you can choose to have five percent of your monthly Optus mobile bill donated to charity. For Charity Mobile, we select a group of nonprofit organisations in Australia and around the world that are dedicated to providing aid and support to people who need it. Thanks to Charity Mobile, these organisations can focus less on raising funds to stay afloat and pay their employees and focus more on addressing the needs of our communities, our country, and the world. Every single Charity Mobile plan makes an impact.

The great thing about Charity Mobile is that you can make a difference in the world while purchasing something you want or need. Say you’re weighing whether to buy an Optus Samsung in Mount Gambier this month or donate to your favourite charity. You want a new phone—and might even need one for your personal or professional life—but you also want to make a difference in other peoples’ lives. With Charity Mobile, you no longer need to make a choice. You can make monthly donations and support meaningful charity causes just by paying your phone bill.

Visit an Optus Shop in Mount Gambier to Pick out Your Phone and Get Started on Charity Mobile

At Network Communications, we are working to expand the reach and impact of Charity Mobile throughout Australia. We currently have 59 Optus stores throughout the country, and you can set up a new Charity Mobile plan at any one of them. Just stop into our Optus store in Mount Gambier—or any of our other 58 locations—and ask about Charity Mobile. The sales associates at your store will be able to help you set up the plan that is right for you, with the phone you want. Feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions.


With over 50 stores around major regional centers our stores are to help you for all your mobile, home and internet needs. Our friendly staff have some of the highest customer satisfaction ratings for service in the entire Optus family. This means you can visit a Network owned Optus store with the confidence you’ll be looked after.