Ready to Buy a New iPhone or Samsung Mobile Device? Shop at Your Optus Store in Orange for a Great Deal

Keeping in touch with family and friends across Australia and around the world shouldn’t be a hassle. At your Optus store in Orange, you will find a plan that suits your budget, affording you the ability to move about and stay connected. Today’s fast-moving world needs broad mobile coverage to remain current and relevant. Network Communications is positioned to supply fast mobile service to customers helping them stay in touch with what matters most to them.

Buy Your Optus iPhone in Orange and Upgrade Within a Year

The My Plan Plus now includes a New Phone Trade Up option that will put a new Optus iPhone or Samsung mobile device in your hands after 12 months of payments. Return your current phone in working condition and pay a $99 once-off fee to receive a new phone with a new 24-month plan. If you’re happy with your current phone, our SIM Only plans allow you to pay monthly with no contracts. We also offer pay as you go plans which are an ideal way to teach youngsters about budgeting.

We Have Tablets Too

Our inventory of mobile devices includes popular tablets that provide a larger screen than mobile phones to conduct business, surf the web or access homework portals for students. Your Optus shop in Orange will assist you in selecting the tablet that meets your needs, and you can add it to your current plan. If you already have a tablet that you love, we have options to get connected.

High Ranking Broadband for Your Home

Watching movies and streaming television shows at home is convenient and fun, provided your connection is fast. With a number one rating in Australia from the Netflix ISP Speed Index, you have the assurance that your videos will play smoothly. Add Yes TV by Fetch to your account and record favourite shows to watch later, buy or rent the latest movies or buy seasons or episodes of popular TV shows. Now you can watch what you want when it’s convenient.

Small Business Benefits

We are committed to helping small businesses stay connected to staff, customers and vendors. Our reliable 4G Plus network keeps 96% of Australia connected so that essential calls won’t drop, and you can update your staff of deadline changes without worrying about messages getting lost, operator error notwithstanding.

Family Friendly Services

When you’re ready to buy your Optus Samsung mobile device in Orange, do so with the knowledge that your store is independently owned and operated by people in your community. They want the same service you do which means they will treat you like family. The backbone of our business is to treat others the way we want to be treated – honestly and fairly. We always aim to ensure you are satisfied with our products and services.

Your Optus store in Orange is ready to keep you connected to the world. Contact us for more information on our plans and enjoy the benefits of mobility.


With over 50 stores around major regional centers our stores are to help you for all your mobile, home and internet needs. Our friendly staff have some of the highest customer satisfaction ratings for service in the entire Optus family. This means you can visit a Network owned Optus store with the confidence you’ll be looked after.