Get Help Before You Buy a Samsung or iPhone: Shop at an Optus Store in Singleton

‘Which mobile phone is best for me?’

Customers are always asking this question—and other smartphone questions along the same lines—when they visit Optus stores throughout Australia. It is a question we are passionate about helping our customers answer in a way that makes sense for them. When you stop by an Optus store in Singleton, you can trust that our sales associates will work hard to determine your needs and point you towards the device that is going to meet those needs best. We are not loyal to any one brand or type of phone, which means we are a perfect objective source to ask for advice when you need to decide on a new mobile phone purchase.

Exploring the Options

If you do some research about ‘the best smartphones on the market in 2019,’ you will likely see the same phones mentioned repeatedly. Apple’s latest iPhone is always getting praise from mobile enthusiasts, as are phones from Samsung’s Galaxy range. At Optus, you can buy an Optus iPhone in Singleton or shop with us for the Samsung Galaxy S9. However, we also like to work with our customers to explore all their options—including less-well-known or less visible brands or models that might be the ideal fit for them.

No one type or brand of smartphone is the right fit for everyone. Apple has loyal followers, and so does Samsung. Their phones have distinctly different interfaces and operating systems, and both have their fans waiting for each new release. Other brands are no different. Every phone has a list of specifications and features, and a customer’s priorities will determine which phone suits those wants and needs best.

Budget is another factor that plays into the equation. A young person coming into an Optus in Singleton and shopping for their very first phone might be more drawn to something basic and affordable—or to the latest smartphone with all the slickest bells and whistles. A business owner wanting to know the best options for himself or herself and his or her staff members might ask what kind of bulk deals are available.

Our job is to help our clients explore the available options—both on the market and in our stores. For this reason, customer service has always been central to our business model. By communicating clearly with customers and asking the right questions, we can deliver strong recommendations based on the information our customers have provided to us. These tailored recommendations help to ensure your satisfaction with this phone purchase, the next, and beyond.

For Your Next Phone, Visit an Optus Store in Singleton

These days, it’s easy to buy anything online—a new smartphone included. Next time you are in the market for a new mobile device, we invite you to stop by one of our Optus stores instead. Perhaps you already know you want to buy Optus Samsung in Singleton, or maybe you are interested in learning a little about what else is out there first. Either way, you can trust our team to give you the attention you deserve and to deliver both a positive shopping experience and a fitting purchase decision.

With 29 years and counting in this industry, you can trust that we have the experience to support your mobile needs consistently and compassionately. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


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