Easily Shop for a New Samsung or iPhone from Optus in Taree

It's inevitable, but not enjoyable: at some point, you start to realise that your mobile device doesn't meet your needs any longer. Its performance might be slow; you may not be able to check out the latest and greatest apps, or worse — it might have some serious damage, such as a cracked screen. When you realise it's time to replace or upgrade your existing device, there are many options out there. At Network Communications and Optus, we offer Taree a dependable regional option. With expanded network coverage and more bars in more places combined with the reliability of an enduring family business, finding a place to shop for your new phone can be the easiest part of the whole process.

Why Buy Your Next Device from Optus in Taree?

The big decision is the one ahead — the one you'll face when you visit one of Network Communications' Optus stores. What phone will work best for you as a replacement? The friendly associates in your local store will always be happy to help guide you through the options. From answering questions such as "What's the difference?" about all the latest iPhone models from Apple to walking you through the basics of using Android on a Samsung device, we're here to help you get the most out of your purchase.

Before you buy an Optus iPhone in Taree, for example, you might wonder if you can transfer your contacts and other information from an Android phone you use currently. An Optus staff member can help walk you through how this is possible and the limitations of the process. In another case, you might prefer to handle several different phones. How the device feels when you use it matters the most, after all, second only to the performance of the device itself.

When you finally do decide, signing up for your plan is simple and straightforward. We even offer a convenient option to upgrade your phone after a year if you decide you're ready to move onward and upward in the world of technology. Ultimately, we believe the upgrade process is one you should enjoy, not dread.

Enjoy Giving Back Through Your Mobile Plan, Too

At Network Communications, a unique component of our partnership with Optus is our Charity Mobile program — an option you won't find elsewhere. Now, instead of simply paying for your network service and the device itself, you can enjoy knowing that each month some of your bill goes straight to charity. For Optus members enrolled in the Charity Mobile program, we take 5% of your overall charges each month and forward the funds on to a special group of charities. Network Communications carefully selects worthy organisations from around Australia to receive these donations. In other words, when you buy an Optus Samsung in Taree, you're doing more than just keeping connected — you're helping make a difference, too.

Want to start being a part of that today? Find your local Optus shop in Taree, or give us a quick call with any questions and concerns you may have.


With over 50 stores around major regional centers our stores are to help you for all your mobile, home and internet needs. Our friendly staff have some of the highest customer satisfaction ratings for service in the entire Optus family. This means you can visit a Network owned Optus store with the confidence you’ll be looked after.